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Colleen's relationship, respect and determination for Champion Boer Goats has led her to renew her passion after 12 years without them. Many years were spent with her breeding and raising goats being one of the pioneers that imported semen from Land-Core as well as South African herds.

She did her own artificial insemination with the Boers & Dairy goats she owned at that time. She is now back in the program but for her and family to show as well as sell and help others enjoy them as she does. With her enthusiasm fo a project, Colleen's optimism is contagious with all she comes in contact with. She now brings her tenacious spirit and love of goats to yet another level by welcoming the purchase of a herd buck (shown above). In the near future, she and family members will be seen in the show arenas with the prodigy of the genetics she has put together.

Some of the does

We breed for a genetically designed Boer Goat who is: heavy boned, structurally sound and well balanced. They must possess the ability to move out to maximize a volume of muscle - have that competitive edge with an attractive design and pleasing attitude to complete the total package. Our program includes additional requirements away from the show ring such as our does being great mothers producing large volumes of milk to raise their kids that can do their jobs. They must also have gentle attitudes as many of our kids will go live with young people. We have incentive programs in place for our Junior Boys & Girls to help inspire them - they are our future.

Correct genetics coupled with average feed output and good care are sure to improve the bottomline in generating more profitable and show winners. Pipe dreams do not produce achievable results - homework does. We take our job very serious. If we can't stay in business, the Boer Goat industry will not either. Decisions made now in your breeding program will reflect your profit potential and show ring winners for years.

Have you ever seen a fat athlete? To ensure soundness, fertility and healthy births all animals, not just goats, must carry a good body score. But this idea that a show buck and doe must be "hog fat" is not what we want to breed, raise, show or sell at Rafter C Farm. We take great pride in working closely with our buyers especially the youn people as we believe the future of the Boer Goat business is working together and enjoying our friends, talents and animals.